The Wearable Technology Show 2017 London – In review

The Wearable Technology Show 2017

The Wearable Technology Show 2017 have some really unique ingredients by combining 5 tracks; Wearable Technologies, Digital Health, Smart Home Show, IoT Connect Track and Augmented Reality Show.

First of all, I would like to direct a personal note to the event organisers for all the hard work behind the scenes to bring together innovators, industry leaders, consumers and all other stakeholders involved and interest in the show. A great job, well conceived therefore a massive well done. 


Smart Clothing: The Future Of Wearables

Smart Clothing

The popularity of smartwatches and activity trackers have paved the way for smart clothing.

Smart clothing are clothing that monitors the wearer’s physical condition while providing biometric data like pulse rate, temperature, heart rhythm, and other physical movements. The data is then transmitted via Bluetooth to an app In real time.

The concept of smart clothing has been around for awhile; in fact, since the 1980s. However, it’s only been recent that smart clothing have begun to emerge. Today, we see everything from t-shirts to bras and underwear that measure biometrics.


The Intersection of Wearables and Humanity – The perfect Combination

Humans and Wearables

Wearables are invading our lives, at present the wearable technology is common in modern societies. They intend to assist human beings with regards to healthcare, security, home functionalities and even workplace performance.

Human beings are creatures of habits. Because of that, wearables can assist in creating new behavioural models, adjusting existing behaviours and break unhealthy patterns of unwanted behaviour.