Humans and Wearables

Wearables are invading our lives, at present the wearable technology is common in modern societies. They intend to assist human beings with regards to healthcare, security, home functionalities and even workplace performance.

Human beings are creatures of habits. Because of that, wearables can assist in creating new behavioural models, adjusting existing behaviours and break unhealthy patterns of unwanted behaviour.

Here’s a great example where a unique wearable artificial vision device may help people who are legally blind “read” and recognize faces. It may also help these individuals accomplish everyday tasks with significantly greater ease than using traditional assistive reading devices, suggests a new study.


PwC ( PricewaterhouseCoppers ) recently surveyed over a thousand consumers about wearable technology and compared the results to our 2014 report on the same topic. In this study they found that the adoption rate for wearable technologies has skyrocketed, more than doubling from 21 percent to 49 percent.

wearable and humans

The Internet of Things and smartphones are revolutionizing one hand support and remote monitoring of patients, but also medical research. The possibilities offered by these objects open up fantastic prospects for the world of research:

  • Real life data recovery
  • Accelerating the research
  • Recruitment of large patient cohorts with significantly lower costs

What’s next for Humans?

Wearables tech is evolving so much lately with new devices arriving at the marketplace at an incredible fast pace. It leaves me to ask what’s next for the human being? This certainly the transition in the wearables applications, now we are witnessing problem solving around real life human issues. This seems to be the way forward in terms of maximizing wearables potential in congregating answers to humanity.

One of the challenges encountered previously by wearable manufacturers was the long term engagement with the users. New ways to engage and motivate human beings is necessary. Wearables have now many inbuilt capabilities and smart notifications that can target to keep engaging human beings. Therefore presenting a better overall proposition for the long run.